As I do work as well on commissional level as also in fine arts, wether inside or outside, shown on a wall or in a gallery, I have pieces available for you to purchase. Here, I have divided this work into three sections. In case you are interested in a specific print or photography you saw somewhere  in the portfolio - just ask me about it. There might be a way to prepare it for your home.

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Rare shots on planet x - Book

Rare Shots on Planet X is Matthias Gepharts monograph. The artist edition is imited to 300 signed and handnumbered books.

A heavyweight hardcover book in 23,8 cm × 32,5 cm format, with bilingual text content in English/German: 416 pages of Graffiti, typography, illustration, drawing, photography and mixed media collage work from more than twentyfive years. The book was awarded by New York‘s art & design journal Creative Quarterly. Purchase your copy here

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Available Prints

Works from the Poisoned Postcards series can be purchased as fine art prints on framed canvas. Each motiv is limited to five pieces, available in two optional sizes:

90 cm x 135 cm / 120 cm x 180 cm.

Dare to dive into the surreal realm of memories unheard of.

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PhotographY editions

Works from three photographic series to be found in Rare Shots On Planet X are available in limited editions. Printed on beautifull chrystal archive pearl paper, they are sent to you unframed. The photographs get signed, numbered and carefully rolled in special cardboard boxes for international shipping. You can choose from all works of the series

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