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Disturbanity Graphics is Matthias Gephart‘s illustration lab and graphic-design studio, found in 2003. Rooted in the Ruhr area and based in Berlin since 2007, Disturbanity is known for unusual freelance artwork as well as for graphic activism, if handmade or digital. The Disturbanity monograph RARE SHOTS ON PLANET X, a trip through 416 pages of works from 1988 to 2015, was released by highly-reputed art book publisher Verlag Kettler and awarded by New York’s art & design journal Creative Quarterly. Other pieces coming from the Disturbanity studio have been awarded by Red Dot Design, 100 beste Plakate, Deutscher Designer Club and Art Directors Club Germany. Contemporary Art Magazine Hi-Fructose introduced the world of Disturbanity to their readers with a showcase from the Magic Moments walldrawing series, which can also be found in the book - and recently VICE Magazine chose the title of Matthias Gephart’s band Radio Schizo as their cover of the month.

Stylewise, Gephart‘s graphic world is rooted in the underground/alternative music scene, in Graffiti writing, Dadaist collage and noir photography. Under the flag of Disturbanity, space and time are being filled with works in the fields of magazine editorial design, music-related packaging and logos, book illustration, board design and poster graphics. Incorporating high quality imagery from beyond the mainstream with an extraordinary type look is understood as a mission here.

This portfolio displays comissioned artwork as well as gallery pieces. Moving across the borders of genres and labels is a notorious habit in Disturbanity, no matter if graffiti art, collage, photography, drawing or painting: It’s all about visual poetry.  



Creative Quarterly Journal of Art and Design: Graphic Design Professional Award (Rare Shots On Planet X Book, CQ No.42, New York 2016)

VICE Magazine: Cover Artwork of the month »Radio Schizo« debut, Vol. 10, No. 1, Germany 2014)

Creative Quarterly Journal of Art and Design: Photography – New Talent (»Spuk am Ostkreuz« CQ No.28, New York 2012)

ARTAQ 3rd Urban Arts Awards, Nomination, Paris 2012

Creative Quarterly Journal of Art and Design: Fine Art/New Talent (»Power of Love« mural, CQ No.18, New York 2010)

100 beste Plakate (Germany/ Switzerland/Austria, 2005)

Red Dot Award (Germany, 2005)

Preis des Deutschen Designer Clubs DDC (Germany, 2005)

Preis des Art Directors Club ADC (Germany, 2005)



THE HAUS, Installation »Rooms Of Natural Resistance«, Berlin 2017

Rare Shots On Planet X, Encore Concept Galerie, Heerlen, Niederlande 07/2016

Rare Shots On Planet X, Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin 2016

Rare Shots On Planet X, Kunstverein Bochumer Kulturrat, 2016

Rare Shots Release Show, Galerie Box32, Berlin 2015

YARD 5 meets URBAN SPREE, Berlin 2014

 GRAPHIC DAYS, Berlin 2014

CONTURBANARIES ArtFair, Berlin 2013

STROKE 05 ArtFair, Berlin 2012

OFF THE BEATEN TRACKS, photography group show with Sven Marquardt, Neonchocolate Gallery, Berlin 2011

STROKE 05 ArtFair, Berlin 2011

Nacht und Nebel Kunstfestival, Berlin 2011

Idrawalot, screenprint group show, Berlin 2011

Art Fair 21 / BLOOM, Köln 2011

Galerie Flash, München 2011

STROKE 04 Urban Art Fair, München 2011

So und nicht anders, with Felix Gephart, Neonchocolate Gallery, Berlin 2011

Art Bright, Showcase mit West Berlin Gallery, 2011

STROKE 03, Urban Art Fair Berlin, 2010 (Galerie Box 32 und West Berlin Gallery)

Concrete Playground, Group show, with Martha Cooper and Niels Shoe Meulmann, Zeche Zollverein in Essen, 2010

STROKE 02, Urban Art Fair München, 2010 (Galerie Box 32 und Castle Magazine)

NiceNice, Art Bastard Group Show, Hannover 2009

Hello My Name Is, Hatch Sticker Museum, Berlin 2008

Dystopia, Spazio Iroko, Mailand 2008

Poisoned Postcards, Box 32, Berlin 2008

Der Künstler ist kein Angestellter der Regierung, Dermot O' Dyna, Berlin 2007

Illustrative, Berlin 2006

Disturbanity, Design Forum Köln 2004

463, Kulturzentrum Mütze, Köln 2004

100 Jahre Architektur und Design, Hochschule für angewandte Kunst, Dortmund 2004

Sky and Mason, Zentrum Altenberg, Oberhausen 1996

From the Streets. First Gephart brothers show with Felix Gephart. Magic Art Gallery, Bochum 1992


THE BUCH - Catalogue of THE HAUS art project in Berlin. »Natural Resistance« with crewmate BIRNE, installed in room 508/509.  (Released by THE HAUS, Berlin 2017)

RARE SHOTS ON PLANET X - The Disturbanity Book (Monograph, Verlag Kettler, Berlin/Bönen 2015)

Streetwear Today No.48 – Rare Shots on Planet X (Bochum, 2014)

Felix Gephart – Brought into Line / Auf Linie gebracht (Verlag Kettler, 2013)

Berlin What? 102 contemporary Artists (Die Neue Sachlichkeit, Berlin 2013)

Brought into Line / Auf Linie gebracht – Felix Gephart (Verlag Kettler, 2013)

Fresh 1 - Cutting Edge Illustration: Object (Slanted, DAAB, Köln 2011)

Fresh 2 - Cutting Edge Illustration: Public (Slanted, DAAB, Köln 2011)

Creative Quarterly - The Journal of Art and Design, No. 28 (New York, 2012)

Metal & Hardcore Graphics – Extreme artworks from the underworld (Loft publications, Barcelona 2011)

TypoShirt One – Typographic art on shirts (Index Book, Barcelona, 2010)

Down by Law Magazine, Hamburg 2010

Basic Pack – Packaging and industrial design – book of inspiration 

(Index Book, Barcelona, 2010)

3x3, The Magazine of contemporary Illustration, Vol. 4, No.3 (New York, 2009)

3x3 Illustration Directory (New York, 2010)

Creative Quarterly - The Journal of Art and Design, No. 18 (New York, 2010)

Just for You – Designs from the Heart (Index Book, Barcelona, 2009)

Logolounge 4 (Rockport Books, Beverly, MA, 2008)

Slanted Magazin No. 5 (The Antiqua Boom Issue, 2007)

Illusive 2 - Contemporary Illustration and its Context (Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin 10/07)

Freistil 3 - Best of European Illustration (Hermann Schmitz Verlag, Mainz 2008)

Punk is Dead - Punk is Everything (Gingko Press, CA 2008)

Vorn IV, Magazin für freie Gestaltung (Hamburg, 2007)

jpeople Brand file 6 +7, Fashion magazine (Berlin, 06/07)

Handmade (Gingko Press, CA 2006)

Tres Logos (Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin 08/06)

Play loud (Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin 06)

1001 Nacht Illustrated fairy tales from 1001 Nights (Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin 09/05)

Illusive - Contemporary Illustration and its Context (Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin 09/05)

Untitled Street couture book (Lodown Mag / Streetwear Today 08/05)

novum - World of Graphic Design (Munich 2/05, 4/05, 5/05)

Freistil 2 Best of European Illustration (Hermann Schmitz Verlag Mainz 2005)

Bulgaria (Design magazine, Helsinki 2005)

Bloodwars (Online design/writing magazine, 2005)

Toca Me (Design Magazine, Munich 2005)

Arkitip (Art and design magazine, Hollywood 2005)

novum - World of Graphic Design (Munich 10/04)

Graphic 06 Magazine for contemporary graphic culture (London 6/04)

Typography 24, The Annual of the Type Directors Club (New York 2003)

Streetwear Today Fashion magazine (Bochum 4/03)

Graphic Design for the 21st Century - 100 of the World`s Best Graphic Designers (Taschen 2003)

Writing: Urban Calligraphy and beyond (Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin 2003)

novum - World of Graphic Design (Munich 6/03)

etapes:95, 106 pensees pour ma petite planete (Design magazine, Paris / Leipzig 2003)

Displace yourself (Exhibition catalogue Fons Hickmann, Vienna 2002 )

Zollverein 31/8 (Design magazine, Essen 2002)

zefa visual media 40 - Time Out (Photo catalogue, Duesseldorf 2001)

Backspin Magazine (Hamburg 2001)

Das grosse Graffiti-Lexikon (Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Verlag, Berlin 2001)

Graffiti Art 10 – STYLES ((Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Verlag, Berlin 1999)

Graffiti Art 9 – Wände und Mauern (Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Verlag, Berlin 1998)

Hall of Fame (Edition Aragon, Köln 1995)

Graffiti Lexikon (Edition Aragon, Cologne 1993)



Rad Race 


Urban Spree Berlin 

Spoga+Gafa Cologne 

ART Magazine

Bündnis 90_Die Grünen

Zum Goldenen Hirschen, Berlin 

Rome Snowboards

We The People BMX

Irie Daily

Sehubabe Clothing


Graniph, Tokyo


Scholz & Friends





Die Gestalten Verlag

The Caseroom Press

Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf

Novum Magazine

Vorn Magazine

Booklet Magazine

Streetwear Today Magazine 

J-People Magazine 

Woman Magazine

Strobelight Records 

Klartext Records

Thought Crime Records

People Like You Records

Dark Dimensions Label group

Vitaminepillen Records

Frank the Baptist


Fliehende Stürme

Mourning for Tomorrow

2nd District

La Fete Triste 

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